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Video of my 29 gallon biocube oceanic saltwater setup.

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29 gal Saltwater Tank Established 9/98, moved twice with no losses. Taken down seven years later when the 280g was set up.

So I'm new to saltwater and so is my husband. I am going to be setting up the 29 gallon tank this Friday to surprise him for his birthday when he gets home (Yay!). I originally bought the Aqueon 29 gallon deluxe kit but after extensive reading for a couple of weeks I have seen that I should upgrade the filter and that the heater is not all that great but it will do (I've heard that you have to keep it higher than it really says so we'll keep an eye on that).

Starting a 29 gallon reef tank | Saltwaterfish Forum

About six weeks ago, I upgraded my 29 gallon FOWLR to a 75 gallon Saltwater tank. This tank is about 5 weeks old. My tank has fully cycled. I'm running a 29 gallon Marineland bowfront with 1 1/2 " of live sand substrate and about 25 lbs of live rock. A Marineland Stealth heater 200. Koralia nano powerhead. Penguin 250B HOB filter for carbon and a little extra water movement. Tunze nano doc skimmer. Using RO saltwater, which i do a 20% change every Tuesday. Planning on adding the clowns in a few weeks and then corals and anemones in roughly 4-5 months. Tank has been up for a little shy of a month.

29 gallon saltwater reef tank 2 years established - YouTube

I have had 2 seperate 29g reef tanks over the years, it is one of my favourite tank sizes. All filters are compatible and all heaters are compatible but to a degree. Saltwater tanks don't rely heavily on conventional filtration like a freshwater set-up would. Most of the filtration of a reef tank happens biologically within the tank. Small organisms that are naturally cultured inside the tank turn will remove waste materials to a point. You will need live rock. These bacterias that filter the water grow and live in live rrock. Live rock is simply rock from a reef, that has organisms and biological elements already in the rock. Live rock is about $4-7 a pound but required. You should have anywhere between 1-2 pounds of liver ock per gallon of water

29 gallon saltwater reef tank 2 years established

29 Gallon Saltwater tank, Koralia 1050 Powerhead, 100 Watts Jager Heater, Aquaclear Power Filter 30, Marineland L.E.D 65 Watts light, 30 lbs Aragonite Sand, 30 lbs Fiji Totoka Live Rock.
1 Demsel, 1 Green Emereald Crab, 4 Hermit Crabs, 4 Snails.(29 gallon update as of 5/21/09)
This is my 29 gallon Saltwater Tank. This tank holds a Picasso Triggerfish other wise known as a humu humu, and a False Percula Clownfish. It was also holding a Powder Brown Tang a few days ago until it past away from a high nitrate spike. That's when i added a protein skimmer to the tank to lower the high nitrate spike. Along with an addition of about 20 pounds of live rock out of my 90 gallon. Which is in the process being ripped down right now to a leak in the side, Until i can get a new 150 gallon tank. Also i have a lot of coralline algae on my live rock but its not visible because of what i used to film this video with. The lighting I'm running currently are two florescent 50/50 bulbs. This tank also has about 20-30 pounds of Fiji live sand in it as well, though ill probably be adding a little bit more in the next video.

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