Coralife 29 Gallon BioCube Aquarium Information

Now I have allergies and can’t really have any of the furry, four-legged pets in the house so I decided to get myself an aquarium instead. I have some nice free space and decided to fill it with a 29 gallon aquarium. What I ended up buying was the Coralife BioCube 29 gallon aquarium.

Current Tank Info: 3rd tank working fine!(29gal oceanic biocube) 5-6months old

This video is a basic overview of my 29 gallon biocube reef tank. I cover the modifications ive made as well as the sump I built. Please like comment and or subscribe to see near future videos all about reefing!

I want to get one for my 29 Gallon Biocube that is acrylic.

Kessil A150W Sky Blue Lit Rimless 29 gallon Biocube running for 25 days. -I would not recommend seahorses in the BioCube 29 for a beginner. Unless you have a 20+ gal sump/refugium, there’s very little room for error on your part (water changes/parameters/and issues you can’t even imagine)

Up2no6ood’s Coralife Biocube 29 Gallon Build

This article is to go over some of the mods and upgrades that you can possibly do to your coralife biocube 29 gallon reef tank. Although upgrades are not necessary, most people choose to spend the additional money to help maintain their tanks better and easier.

Current Tank Info: IM 16 Gallon, Biocube 29 and 265 Marineland

In this video I introduce my other fish tank, a 29 Gallon Biocube. I will talk about the modifications that I have already made to the tank and also set the stage for my next upgrade to LED lighting.

This is the second installment of "Will it Fit?", a new Marine Depot video series!

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive from hobbyists is "Will this skimmer/reactor/etc. fit in my aquarium?"

We felt this presented us with an opportunity to make a fun new video series to demonstrate whether some of our newest and most popular aquarium equipment will fit in a particular tank.

In this episode we tackled one of the most popular AIO aquariums of all time: the Coralife 29 Gallon BioCube!

Coralife 29 Gallon BioCube Aquarium

AquaticLife Internal Mini Protein Skimmer 115 — YES
CAD Lights Nano Pipeless Protein Skimmer — YES
Aqua Euro USA Nano Protein Skimmer 2 — YES
Innovative Marine MiniMax MidSize Media Reactor — YES
Hydor Koralia Nano-Skim Internal Protein Skimmer — NO
Tunze Nano DOC Protein Skimmer 9002 — NO
Innovative Marine DeskTop Ghost Protein Skimmer — YES
Eshopps Nano Protein Skimmer — YES

You may discover that some of the equipment featured in this installment and future episodes could fit if modded or changed in some form or another. Our intention with this video series is to highlight equipment we know will fit without having to make any significant changes to the item itself or your aquarium, which may potentially void a product warranty.

If you discover another piece of equipment that will fit in the back chambers of a Coralife 29 Gallon BioCube tank, please let us (and other hobbyists) know in the comments.

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First attempt at making a video of my 2-year old 29 gallon Oceanic Biocube reef tank. Livestock and corals listed at the end of the movie. Music is "Almost" by Harmonia 76.I just recently purchased a 29 Gal BioCube which I have filled up with tap water to do a test run on all my equipment. The question I have is about the lighting system. The hood of the BioCube has a 10,000K daylight compact florescent and a blue actinic 03 florescent bulb and two lunar blue moon glow LED lights.