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Indeed, most categories obtained the bulk of their digital dollars from desktop transactions this quarter, including Computers/Peripherals/PDAs (91%); Consumer Electronics (89%); Office Supplies (89%); Consumer Packaged Goods (87%); and Books & Magazines (81%). Apparel & Accessories, which had the highest share of total digital dollars, hewed close to the overall average, with 79% of spending in this category coming from desktops.

1 in Every 6 Retail Dollars Spent Online Goes to Apparel & Accessories

While Video Games & Accessories (#13); Toys & Hobbies (#14); Music, Movies & Videos (#16); and Flowers & Gifts (#15) ranked lower in terms of absolute dollar spend, they each also had very strong growth rates.

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Shop the latest $1 dollar accessories for men, women and kids including sunglasses, scarves, undies, socks, belts, tattoo, phone accessories, key chains, stationery,bags at Shopmissa Apparel & Accessories in 2016 , and [download page] shows how it has slowly gained a progressively larger share of online retail dollars in the last few years, up to 17% in 2016 from 15.4% in 2013. In fact, the category has enjoyed a growth rate exceeding the overall e-commerce average in all but 2 quarters since 2014.

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